Finally a program that provides full support services

Adult Programs

Youth Programs

There are a lot of issues that our growing community faces such as mental health, public education and employment. Akila Cares, works at the ground level, helping those with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, coping disorders, and stress management.

As a community, it is our duty to help our youth prepare for adulthood. Creating education and cultural programs, we offer teens and children the opportunity to grow, build communication skills, and engage each other in extraordinary ways.

Akila Cares, will provide services and support by  building character and self-esteem as well as restore or improve self care skills, social skills and independent living skills.  Our staff collaborates with state and local agencies throughout the greater area to assist consumers with the appropriate available service providers and resources.

Community Diversity

Diversity and inclusiveness are important ingredients for a healthy and vibrant society. Nature thrives when the environment is diverse, so does a community. Akila Cares is dedicated to broadening the understanding of the different backgrounds and people that make up our neighborhoods.

Nothing brings people together like a well-planned party or event. Akila Cares, hosts numerous fun-filled events throughout the year.  Special events help raise awareness for issues affecting the clients.

Consumer Events